Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich paid tribute to late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts by praising his extraordinary talent during his recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. He also emphasized that Mick Jagger couldn’t perform his iconic moves without Watts.

As you probably know, the Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts passed away surrounded by his family on August 24, 2021, a short time after he underwent an unspecified medical procedure. Almost every legendary musician was devastated by the news and shared their feelings on their social media accounts.

Larsh Ulrich also posted one of Watts’ photos on his Instagram account and reflected his gratefulness for his contributions to rock music as an exceptional drummer. Also, in his recent interview, Ulrich shared his feelings about Watts, saying that he was a legend and the secret hero behind unique Rolling Stones rhythms.

Furthermore, Ulrich stated that most people pay attention to the band’s frontman Mick Jagger’s moves without considering Watts’ contribution. He highlighted that Jagger owes his iconic moves to Charlie Watts’ drumming, and they wouldn’t exist without his rhythms.

In Ulrich’s words, he said:

“I was looking at a couple of the clips from the last show in Miami and even seeing Mick Jagger up there swaying… What is he swaying to? He’s swaying to Charlie Watts’ drumming.

People sit there and go, ‘Yeah, I’m dancing along with Mick Jagger.’ No, you’re dancing along with Charlie Watts, in the same way, Mick Jagger’s dancing along to Charlie Watts’ drumming. So Mick Jagger wouldn’t have those moves if it wasn’t for Charlie Watt’s drumming. It sort of starts and ends there.”

Consequently, Lars Ulrich wanted to draw attention to Charlie Watts being an inseparable part of Mick Jagger’s moves as a tribute to the late Rolling Stones icon.