In a recent interview with Forbes, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich talked about the vision of the band.

He has revealed how they decided to do wiskey, and said:

“We are always interested in connecting with our fans. It’s not just limited to music. Movies, concerts, t-shirts, letting them download the concert they just saw 24 hours ago. We thought about beverages a few years ago, then hired a team.

We like to control things, pull the strings and be financially independent. And we didn’t want to just slap a Metallica logo on something — I don’t want to look my fans in the eyes and tell them this is coming out of my DNA if I don’t feel good about it.

He also talked about Dave Pickerell, and said:

“When you go on these journeys together with your band, there are certain people you hook up with along the way where you have an instant kinship. As soon as I met him, I felt incredibly comfortable and connected to him.

He had passion, creativity and curiosity. At lot of us in this world are sort of loners, trying to connect and fit it, and we connect with each other. Sometimes you never pass the level of acquaintance with someone. Five minutes after meeting him, I trusted him completely, which is rare. I still haven’t be able to process that he’s passed.”

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