Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich posted a new story on his Instagram in which he paid tribute to Budgie’s bassist and founder Burke Shelley, who recently passed away.

Burke Shelley was a musician and singer-songwriter mainly known as the lead vocalist and bassist of the rock band Budgie. In November 2010, Shelley was hospitalized due to an aortic aneurysm, and Budgie hasn’t performed or recorded since his hospitalization.

Shelley also suffered from Stickled syndrome during the final years of his life. He, unfortunately, died in his sleep on January 10 at the Heath Hospital, at the age of 71. The musician is survived by his four children, and he left his successful music works behind.

In 1998, Metallica compiled a double album featuring cover songs, titled ‘Garage Inc..’ Released on November 24, the album included B-side covers and songs by musicians who influenced Metallica. Among other songs, Shelley’s ‘Breadfan’ and ‘Crash Course In Brain Surgery’ also appeared in this album.

Upon hearing the sad news that Burke Shelley passed away, Lars Ulrich paid tribute to the musician with a recent Instagram story. By posting a nostalgic picture of the musician, Lars Ulrich thanked him for his contributions to the music scene and ‘Breadfan’ and ‘Crash Course In Brain Surgery,’ which Metallica recorded in the ‘Garage Inc.’ album.

Lars Ulrich wrote the following about Burke Shelley in his Instagram story:

“Thank you, Burke, for everything you did for heavy music and much next level appreciation for co-writing and creating two songs that Metallica was honored to record over the years, ‘Breadfan,’ and ‘Crash Course In Brain Surgery.'”

You can check out Lars Ulrich’s Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Lars Ulrich – Instagram Stories