During an interview with Uncut Magazine, Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett discussed The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and Misfits in relation to their well-known record while revealing a fact unknown to Metallica fans.

As you may know, the most popular album released by Metallica was ‘The Black Album,’ which was slightly more different than their previous ones. The reason for that was often explained through their collaboration with their new and successful producer Bob Rock.

It is known that the process of recording was troubled as both the band members and their new producer Bob Rock came into conflict with each other. In their recent interview, Ulrich and Hammett revealed facts that were not shared with the public before.

While talking about their hit album in the interview, Lars Ulrich mentioned that their vision for their new album after ‘And Justice for All‘ was to create something new, different but also, contemporary.

Lars Ulrich said:

“When we were done with [1988’s] ‘And Justice for All’ and the subsequent two-year tour there was no place to go on that path. We’d hit the wall.

The last song on that album is a song called ‘Dyers Eve’ and it’s six or seven minutes of the most-crazy progressive off-the-wall stuff Metallica is capable of doing.

After playing all those songs on the road for a couple of years we said, ‘There’s got to be a reset here.'”

At this point, Kirk Hammet added that their aim was to create an album with songs that sounded like singles but were not. Then he prepared the readers for a secret that was never shared with Metallica fans and revealed that their biggest role model for this was AC/DC.

Here is what Kirk Hammet said in the interview:

“It wasn’t easy to make as we wanted a certain sound on that album. We wanted everything to be the best it possibly could be, sound-wise, song-wise, and performance-wise.

And so we went in and – I’ll probably be the first person to mention this – we wanted to come up with a ‘Back in Black,’ an LP stacked with singles. That was the concept, songs which sound like singles but aren’t.”

Following that Lars Ulrich added that they sat down as a band and analyzed The Rolling Stones, The Misfits, and AC/DC while trying to understand the ways in which they could write shorter songs. He even said that it is actually harder to write a short song than a long song, a claim which surprised their fans.

“We sat down and thought about The Misfits, AC/DC, and The Stones. We thought about the art of simplifying and writing shorter songs. It’s harder to write a short song than a long song and harder to be succinct.

The new challenge was to write shorter songs. A little more bounce, to make the music more physical than cerebral.”

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