Metallica’s recent appearance in Howard Stern Show emerged many topics to discuss with the legendary band. For instance, the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich talked about when James Hetfield punched him in the stomach and explained the events that led to that.

The band’s drummer and vocalist have a powerful bond that is apparent to both the fans and the other band members. Jason Newsted, the band’s ex-bassist, once said that the band’s rehearsals were dominated by Ulrich and Hetfield and talked about their importance in decision-making.

The two seem to have an excellent musical match and are compatible, but of course, there were times where the two would clash. Starting the interview by stating that Metallica is ‘The band that would punch each other in the face,’ Howard Stern asked Ulrich about the time he got punched in the face by Hetfield.

Ulrich began by saying that there was a disagreement between them about which song to play. Even though they hadn’t decided, Ulrich started playing what he wanted, which angered Papa Het.

After getting off stage, the vocalist punched Ulrich in the stomach. The drummer doesn’t seem fussed about it. In fact, he went on to say that Hetfield is like his big brother, who protects him from other troubles.

Here is how Ulrich described the event:

“Let’s put it this way, this will answer your question. We were playing I think just down the street from where we were at the Troubadour. It was the first show where we ever, at least in our minds, got an encore. We were 6-9 months into our career, we got an encore. So, we’re standing off-stage discussing what song to play, and let us just say there were differences of opinion.

I suggested a song that started with drums, James suggested something else. We went back up on stage, and I started the song that started with drums. When we came off, I got a slight punch in the stomach. I did stand up for the rest of the night.”

He continued to state how Hetfield was his protector:

“However, I think for balance, I will say that throughout the rest of the 80s, James helps me make the choice when I had a little bit of a big mouth and could definitely throw the best smart ass comments back to people.

There were a couple of times when the beer and the good times were flowing where I would say the wrong thing to wrong people, but still they were really funny.

They still soundbites, chuckles when you tell a story, but James is always there as my big brother. I would just run, I just fucking take off, but then James would clean it up for me and throw a few punches at some other guys.

James stated later that he doesn’t like getting physical when arguing with other people. However, sometimes he finds it necessary, such as when they are annoying his brother Ulrich. The fans expressed their love under the video and talked about how Ulrich seems like a little angry guy because of his height compared to Hetfield.