Metallica drummer and co-founder Lars Ulrich opened up about his opinions regarding the bests and worst of Metallica including all-time artists and bands. Apparently, his choice of worst Metallica album is quite different from the general view which is by far ‘St. Anger.’

‘St. Anger’ is the eighth studio album of Metallica which was released in 2003 after being postponed due to James Hetfield entering rehab for substance abuse. It was the final collaboration between Metallica and longtime producer Bob Rock along with being the band’s only album not to feature an official bass player, as Jason Newsted left Metallica prior to the recording sessions; Rock played the album’s bass parts in his place.

In addition to the unsettled environment in which the album was created, the alternative metal style, raw production, and no guitar solos, ‘St. Anger’ departed from Metallica’s signature style. It received mixed reviews from both critics and Metallica fans and often cited as the worst album of the band even though it debuted at the top of sales charts in 14 countries, including the US Billboard 200.

During a recent interview with Louder Sound, drummer Lars Ulrich was asked to reveal his least favorite album of Metallica ever and he humorously stated that the band never made a bad record.

Furthermore, Ulrich surprised Metallica fans by not mentioning ‘St. Anger’ and revealing that he never looks back on the previous albums and considers them as mistakes since he made his peace with the past.

Here is what Ulrich said:

“Lars Ulrich shocker – we haven’t made a bad record! But seriously, without pussying out, I don’t look at any of them as mistakes.

‘Kill ‘Em All’ sounds like a very long time ago, a lot of youthful energy on that one. But I’m very at ease with the past.”

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