Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed his new favorite band on his radio show. The band is named “Bokassa” and they are “stoner punk” band.

Here’s the entire statement:

“From the album ‘Divide & Conquer,’ this is the band Bokassa from Trondheim, Norway. I first heard this last week – this is my favorite new band, these guys are fucking insanely cool!

I heard most of the first record and all the songs are fucking way next level!

There’s a super cool video called ‘No Control,’ which is a black and white video of them sitting in a bar, drinking beer. It’s like a one shot, and all their friends come up from behind them and help them sing the song and drink their beer.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of a concept, but it works really well, it’s really cool!

Check the Bokassa’s “No Control” from below.