One of the most talented drummers of all time, Metallica legend, Lars Ulrich has introduced a new activity to their fans via Metallica’s verified Twitter account.

They have shared phone number of themself for messaging with all Metallica fans.

Here’s what they captioned:

“Text us, people! 415-936-1981”

A fan named Jean thinking just James:

“Just hope James is going well. you know, i just hope you’re not putting too much pressure on him. because, helping with too much envy becomes pressure for the helped one.

Just let him do his best and don’t judge him. please Lars. you both are the core of this band.”

Another fan named Mike talked with Lars:

“Hi Lars!! I’m just a dropping by to say Metallica, in 1989, made me love Metal and pick up the guitar.

Wasn’t as talented as James, obviously, but your music is part of the soundtrack of my life, Cliff, especially. Love you guys! I’m 44, still am my true self, Metallica!!”

You can watch the video below.