Torben Ulrich is a retired tennis player and 88 years old. Metallica fans know him from the St Anger documentary. In that documentary, Lars listened a new demo to him, and his comment was “delete that”. It’s pretty funny, check it below.

So, what does this old man think about Metallica’s new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”? His son Lars Ulrich made this clear.

Speaking in an interview with RUM Entertainment, Lars revealed his father’s thoughts on the new Metallica album as follows:

“I played him the first two songs a couple of months back and he dug it; he was very into it, he thought it sounded very much like Metallica. And then I had the office send [the album] over to him…

I saw him for Thanksgiving dinner and he unprovoked – unprovoked! – started talking to me about how awesome the record was. I got more positive vibes out of him than I have for any Metallica record for quite some time.

He got it on CD and he asked if he could also have – [laughs] he’s 88 years old! – he’s got an iPod now and he asked if he could have it in digital form. So I’ll take that as a good sign. The days of ‘delete that’ are over, at least on this record.

Here’s the “delete that” moment: