Rolling Stone Magazine has shared the new article about Metallica’s Damage Justice tour and that article featuring some of little-known statements from Metallica members.

In the article, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich talked on how they started to write Metallica’s most succesful album, Black Album, in 1991. Here’s the statement:

“That’s when we started having a few conversations that maybe we had taken the progressive side of Metallica as far as it could go and we were all yearning for stuff that was little bit simpler and maybe a little more physical.

A lot of that stuff was very heady and cerebral, like, ‘Here I am onstage and I’m just constantly thinking about the next part.’ I remember that some of the earlier songs worked a little big better as the places got bigger in terms of the physicality of it.

So a few months later, when we started writing again, that’s when ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘Sad but True’ and ‘Wherever I May Roam’ was born. It was a new direction.”

Bassist Jason Newsted said that “I would say that the Black Album tour was the biggest”. Here:

“Once we got to the Black Album, the appeal was 10 times what Justice was. When ‘Nothing Else Matters’ came out as Number One in 50 countries in the first week, it was eye-opening.

I would say that the Black Album tour was the biggest, best tour of Metallica, but as far as the real-deal, metal, pull-your-hair-out, bleeding, breaking shit, the Justice tour wins for the visceral aspect.”

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