Metallica drummer and mastermind Lars Ulrich spoke in a recent interview with Tiny TV on Youtube and talked about the frontman of the band, James Hetfield‘s current health status.

As you might remember, James Hetfield struggled with alcohol addiction and decided to enter rehab once again in September 2019. After a short period, the band decided to cancel their concerts to make sure that James could follow his schedule.

At the beginning of this year, Lars revealed that they will work on some projects during the coronavirus outbreak. Metallica released a new record during the self-quarantine days, Blackened 2020, in which all the band members were playing their parts from their own houses.

In a recent conversation with Tiny TV, Lars Ulrich pointed out how good it was playing with James again and said that Papa Het is definitely back while mentioning the good vibes they had during the rehearsals.

Furthermore, Lars stated that James takes his treatment seriously and touched upon the fact that this is a constant process that could not end in one day. He also mentioned that it was going quite well for the vocalist of the band.

Additionally, Lars wanted to clear the air about James’s health and revealed that he is so happy and in good shape right now. Also, Lars excited the fans by saying that James is eager to play for the audience.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich stated about his dear friend’s current status:

“As I said before, we’ve been together for two weeks, we’ve played a whole lot and we’ve had really good vibes. So he’s definitely back! But I do not think that I should say that he’s ‘out on the other side of rehab.’

I think if he was here and was interviewed, he would probably say that it’s a constant process. It is not a process that at any point ends for him.

So this is something that needs to be respected all the time, and that is something that must be understood all the time. It’s something that is there every day.”

Lars continued:

“When you have to go through those processes, it is not something that suddenly one day ends. But he plays and he’s happy, and I think that he is in good shape and eager to play!

He takes it very seriously. And he really does a good job, when he has to go through those processes. Then he rolls up his sleeve and really works hard, and we in Metallica respect that too. And, of course, we hope the best for him and – so far, so good!”

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