Metallica icon Lars Ulrich shared a recent post on his verified Instagram page and revealed a rare unseen photo from AC/DC tour of Portugal in September 1991.

Here is his statement about the photo:

“Four days and counting ‘til Euro tour kickoff in Portugal… this snap was taken in Faro at the southern tip of Portugal in September ‘91, when we flew there for a coupla days worth of photos with Ross in the middle of the AC/DC tour

And obviously during the height of way cool rocker hair, mirror shades, David Lee Roth style chest wig and the Jim Morrison special, “no shirt under jacket!”
📸 by @rosshalfin”

Jessica Miller commented on the photo:

“#bbtl (bring back this look)”

A fan named Max wrote that:

“Someone get him a hair transplant or a wig, the hair might work wonders like james’ moustache has.”

A fan named resmihillbillyhockeymom also shared his opinion:

“Hair today gone tomorrow lol. Who cares drum playing is what matters and for that you get an A+

You can see the photo below: