Legendary Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shared a new photo of himself with the band’s bassist Robert Trujillo on the official Instagram page and celebrated the 17th anniversary of his join to Metallica.

Trujillo joined Metallica on February 24, 2003, two years after Jason Newsted left the band.

Lars took to Instagram and celebrated Rob’s 17th Metallica membership. In the caption, he described his membership as the next-level adventures. In addition, he stated that their picture was taken by the famous rock and roll photographer, Ross Halfin.

Here’s what Lars captioned:

“17 years ago today, this leather-clad Whiskey Warlord joined the ‘Tallica party. In other words, Rob joined the band and since then, every minute of our globe-spanning, crazy next level adventures have been a hoot and a half… Here’s to the next 600 years!!”

An Instagram user named metalupyourpodcast commented and said this:

“Rob has been an amazing force in the mighty Metallica. A phenomenal musician and an all-around sweet and thoughtful dude. We’re lucky to have him! 🤘🏻🙏🏻”

Another fan named the.dirty.blonde wrote:

“17 years. Wow. I love you all. The soundtrack to my entire life. 🤘Metallica🤘”

See the Instagram photo below.