Metallica co-founder and drummer, Lars Ulrich, has posted a bunch of new photos of him and his beloved father Torben Ulrich today and showed his longing for his father by sharing what misses most about his dad.

As you may already know, Lars’ dad Torben is a popular figure on social media and also a talented musician just like his son. Last month, Torben has released his first duo recording named ‘Oakland Moments: Cello, Voice, Reuniting (Rejoicing)‘ with his long-time friend Lori Goldson and other musicians they have been spending time with since 2005.

Today, Lars paid his tribute to his dad once again and stated that he misses having solo dinners, shenanigans, and hanging out with his dad. Right after sharing the photos, over 100K followers of Lars have liked the photos including his lovely wife and also one of the most famous models of America, Jessica Miller. His long-time friend and business mentor Max Tornow also commented on the post.

Here is what Lars wrote about his father today:

“Miss my solo dinners, hangs, and shenanigans with my dad…
Hopefully back at it again soon!”

And here is what Max wrote:

“Lars’s Dad literally is a wizard. So epic.”

Click here to check out the photos and listen to the latest album of Torben below.