Metallica will release a new album called “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” on November 18. The band members are getting older. This situation becomes led to a new discussion about Metallica. When will retire the band?

Lars Ulrich was an interview with the magazine Ekstra Blade” from Denmark. He mention and speech about Metallica‘s retirement plans and how many more albums we can expect from the Metallica before they call it a day. Lars says:

“If one comes out every eight years, then not a lot. But I think at least a couple more records. But we are not stressing about it. We’ve got 2-3 years of concerts in front of us now.

If the arms, knees and neck can take it, we hopefully have a lot of years left in us. The Beatles released actually all their records in less time! But it is simply a different world now. And we have of course played a lot of gigs, we made a record with Lou Reed, and we spent two years on our film. We’re not just picking our noses in San Francisco.”

This is a huge news for us. Metallica will realese a couple more records! That’s great ha? He also mention about his and other guys health:

“We will play in Central America in the coming months, and we’ve actually asked our managers that we play ‘one in a row’ instead of ‘two in a row,’ which we normally do. Now we just take a day off before we start again.

We play the last 2-2.5 hours per show. It does not get easier with age, because the speed is still there.

It’s one thing to be able to play Fight Fire With Fire or Master of Puppets when you’re 70, but another thing is to be able to play them as they should be played. There’s gotta be heaviness in it, and it is consuming.”