As you know, Lars Ulrich supported Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election and stated that if Trump wins, he could return to Denmark. Trump won but he did not return to Denmark. In fact, he’s approaching Trump more moderately.

Donald Trump, as you know, is planning build a wall between Mexico and the USA. Or says it is. Anyway… Lars Ulrich spoke to a local press before Metallica’s concert in Mexico and explained his thoughts on this subject. He said:

I don’t think the world needs any walls. I think we need to bring people together. Metallica travels all over the world, and through music we try to bring people together.

So whether we’re in Mexico or whether we’re in Asia or whether we’re in Europe or whatever, we encourage as many different people from as many different backgrounds to come together and share music and life and culture and all these experiences.

And so, being one Danish guy, being asked an opinion, I don’t think any walls are necessary, and I think that, increasingly, as far as Metallica traveling all over this beautiful planet, we break down barriers with music.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.