On Twitter, Led Zeppelin‘s legendary frontman Robert Plant‘s name started to be trending which made the fans worry about his health and some even thought he might be dead.

As you might remember, Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant has been working on his solo projects for a while now. Earlier this year, Plant announced his latest project named ‘Digging Deep: Subterranea,’ which was a solo anthology including the songs from the 1982’s ‘Pictures At Eleven‘ album.

Digging Deep: Subterranea,’ which was planned to be released on October 2, 2020, will also contain three unreleased songs, ‘Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1),’ ‘Nothing Takes the Place of You,’ and ‘Too Much Alike’ along with the other 27 songs.

While the fans have been desperately waiting for the album’s release, Robert Plant’s name became one of the trending topics on Twitter recently. The fans were worried about the 72-year-old rock star‘s health and some presumed he might have been dead.

Although the reason why he became a trending topic suddenly remained a mystery, some of the Led Zeppelin fans shared their favorite memories of Robert Plant throughout his music career.

A fan named Steven D. Krause posted an iconic photo of Plant on stage drinking a beer, smoking, and also holding a dove and stated:

“I don’t know why Robert Plant is trending, but here’s a picture of him on stage, drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette, and holding a dove all at the same time. Which is why none of us will ever be as cool as Robert Plant.

Another Led Zeppelin fan shared his concerns about Plant’s health and wished he had been doing okay considering all the terrible events the world experienced since the beginning of this year and added:

“I’m scared. I swear 2020 if you hurt him I will destroy you and everything you hold dear.

Unfortunately, the reason why Robert Plant became a trending topic on Twitter hadn’t been found out, yet he seemed to be doing okay health-wise.

You can see the tweets posted about Robert Plant by Led Zeppelin fans on Twitter below.