Iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a new post on his official Instagram page and talked about his memory at the Chicago Stadium, where he played with the band in 1977.

In the caption of his post, Jimmy said that they opened the concert with ‘The Song Remains The Same’ track. He also published a part of the video, saying that there is a DVD of a video shot taken during the concert.

Most of the fans headed to the comments section to talk about the Chicago concert. But, a fan named Mason made a comment and said that he is glad for him to not use heroin anymore. After the comment of Mason, other fans have responded to his claim by writing new comments.

As you know, Jimmy Page never talked about his heroin addiction and did not explain how he beat this addiction.

Here’s what Jimmy Page captioned:

“On this day in 1977, I played at Chicago Stadium with Led Zeppelin.

We opened the set on the 1977 tour with ‘The Song Remains The Same’ and in the extras section of the Led Zeppelin DVD, there is a version of this edited from various sources. It displays the full-on energy of the approach to that tour.

Photo by Neal Preston 1977″

The fan named Mason commented and wrote:

“So glad you don’t do heroin anymore.”

An Instagram user named dan_gallaghers said:

“Yeah, the junkie life is a hard one – especially for people without resources. In JP’s case, he seems to have handled the monkey quite well.”

Another follower named ratrodrover stated:

“Actually that’s one of the few areas in his life I’ve never heard Jimmy comment on. Maybe he has and I missed it. I think it would be a great service if he did speak about it.

I have many clients addicted to heroin who have very few success stories. Most end with death. Jimmy if you read this please consider making a few remarks that may give someone a glimmer of hope.”

Also, another fan named dortega_12 said:

“He doesn’t talk about that and never will I think.”

On the other hand, an Instagram user named timrsalmon criticized him to wear a Nazi hat and wrote:

“Let’s face it, you probably shouldn’t have worn that Nazi shit, Kurt Waldheim.”

See the Instagram post below.