On a recent Instagram post, Led Zeppelin’s legendary vocalist Robert Plant’s latest photo has been revealed by Tuk Smith bassist Shane Rickerson.

As you can see in the picture below, Robert seemed to lose weight dramatically, and he doesn’t look like he has the same strength as he had before. Most of the fans saddened by Robert’s new appearance, considering it would get worse in the future.

Robert Plant was wearing a black t-shirt with black pants and gave an iconic pose for the camera. Robert is also showing how cool he is even with the huge weight loss.

Here is what Shane Rickerson said:

“Good running into an old buddy today @robertplantofficial”

A fan named Mikki added this comment:

“That’s wild! I saw him in a couple of concerts when we were all young”

Another fan named Karen Orr wrote this:

“He is only about three or four years older than I am, He will always be the sexiest man alive up on the stage to me! Don’t lose too much weight. And keep that hair a little bit! LOL.”

You can check the post below.