Led Zeppelin’s founder and legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page, confirmed the tragic death of his ex-wife Patricia Ecker through a heartfelt Instagram post.

The unexpected death of Patricia Ecker saddened her loved ones, including her ex-husband Jimmy Page. Ecker and Page were married between 1986 and 1995, and James Patrick Page III was the only fruit of their marriage.

Jimmy Page‘s pain after Ecker’s loss is reflected eloquently through this short but emotionally loaded message. His love and trust towards James, their son with Ecker, is a part of his message, which shows Page’s wish to support their son during this difficult time. Also, the fact that for the first time, Jimmy Page has disabled the comments under one of his Instagram posts, is a sign of how difficult it has been for him to deal with Ecker’s loss.

Death can become a widely discussed topic which often makes it harder for the deceased’s friends and family to cope with their loved one’s loss. Thus, Jimmy Page has asked his fans and followers to respect their privacy during this incredibly hard time.’

After hearing the sorrowful news, Jimmy Page posted a picture with a black background on Instagram and wrote this:

“It is with great sadness that I learned of the tragic death of Patricia. My thoughts are with her family through this difficult time.

My son James is a strong, brave, intelligent man and he has all my love.
I ask that you respect us all at this incredibly hard time.”

You can find the picture that Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account below.