Iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has shared a new photo on his official Instagram page, revealing a little-known truth about the album of The Who, ‘I Can’t Explain.’

The album was released in 1965 and is the debut album of them. It was produced by Shel Talmy, designed by the great Glyn Johns at Pye Studios in Marble Arch, London.

Jimmy Page took to social media to celebrate the anniversary of ‘I Can’t Explain’ album. In the caption of his photo, he gave some details about it and said that he played somewhere in the background for the album. He also stated that you can hear some rhythms, especially in the ‘Bald Headed Woman’ song.

Here’s what Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1965, ‘I Can’t Explain’ by @officialthewho was released in the UK.

Today sees the UK release of the iconic ‘I Can’t Explain’ – the first single by The Who, produced by Shel Talmy and engineered by the great Glyn Johns at Pye Studios in Marble Arch, London.

Although I had been contracted in to play on this session I wasn’t really needed but I played on it somewhere in the background. What a privilege it was to be part of that pure adrenaline rush.

Pete Townshend @yaggerdang played a blinder, you can hear a few of my phrases on the B-side ‘Bald Headed Woman’ on the fuzzbox.”

An Instagram user named jonathan_lea wrote this:

“Very cool! I got to play this song a few days ago with the amazing Clem Burke on drums, in the presence of the original producer Shel Talmy.”

Another fan named cac66135 said this:

“Haven’t heard that song for years! I feel old now. Thanks for the background. 👍👏👏”

See the Instagram post below.