The legendary guitarist and founder of the British rock band Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page has spoken about his latest musical activities in collaboration with his girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet, while explaining his perfectionist approach.

During the recent interview he gave to the Classic Rock Magazine, the genius musician has opened up a little bit about his unique piece of work with the talented poet and performer based in London, Scarlett Sabet.

As you may recall, the two have released their mutual project, ‘Catalyst,’ in 2019. The spoken word album was written and performed by Scarlett Sabet and produced by Jimmy Page. The recordings and mixes were made at Tower House, London, the week of 13th May 2019, using analog and digital techniques.

The recorded collection of eight poems, which was released on a special 12-inch etched vinyl, includes a 24-page full-color booklet featuring liner notes written by Scarlett Sabet and Jimmy Page plus photography by Scarlet Page.

Page said that he’s never not-doing something that’s going to surprise people and the proof of this can rightly be ‘Catalyst,’ he added. Jimmy Page admitted nobody was expecting him to do that because nobody had done that before. He also emphasized it was really wonderful to do.

Here’s what Jimmy Page said about his collaboration with her girlfriend, Scarlett Sabet:

“I’m never not-doing something, and I’m never not-doing something that’s going to surprise people. It’s like when I did a spoken word project with my girlfriend [2019’s ‘Catalyst,’ with poet Scarlett Sabet].

Nobody was expecting me to do that because nobody had done that before. It was really wonderful to do.

But I’ve always got ideas, and the day that I wake up and haven’t got any ideas of what to do and how to do it, that for me will be a very sad day. And that day looks like it’s some way off yet.

One of the things I was complaining about before we all had to lockdown was that I wasn’t having enough time to play guitar. I was able to actually say, ‘Well, this is it. You can do it every day now.’ So, it’s given me an opportunity to reconnect properly with the guitar.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.