Led Zeppelin’s founder and legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and took a trip down memory lane with a show he appeared on with Robert Plant back in 1994.

Jimmy Page started his career in 1957 and has enjoyed a great amount of popularity ever since. He is best known as the founder of Led Zeppelin but his fans often say that they love Jimmy Page because of his unique personality.

Jimmy Page is known for his smiling face and kind attitude towards people. He often uses his Instagram account to share photos and videos from years ago and cherish those memories. In a sense, Jimmy Page’s Instagram account is his archive.

In his latest Instagram post, he shared a video from 1994, when he appeared with Robert Plant on the Andrew Denton Show in Australia. In the caption of his Instagram post, he showed his appreciation towards Andrew Denton who turns out to be a huge Led Zeppelin fan.

Jimmy Page mentioned that in his previous successful shows, Andrew Denton would invite a special guest and tell them to do anything they wanted as long as it was ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Andrew Denton’s excitement is obvious as he praises Led Zeppelin’s songs and even goes as far as to say that if the audience has not heard of Led Zeppelin, they should check their genitals because they have probably been abducted by aliens.

This video was liked by thousands of people who appreciated both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s sincerity and friendliness. Some fans commented on Jimmy Page’s t-shirt which said ‘Recovering Catholic‘ who found this joke hilarious.

Others mentioned that this is their favorite interview of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and said that they have watched it numerous times. Jimmy Page’s smile was often mentioned in the comments and people praised his kindness and humbleness.

Here’s what Jimmy Page in the caption of his latest Instagram post:

“On this day in 1994, I appeared with Robert Plant on the Andrew Denton Show on the Seven Network in Australia during the ’round the world’ promo for Unledded.⁣

Andrew Denton was a very bright man and on his previous award-winning series ‘The Money or the Gun’ each of the 26 shows had a special guest invited to do anything they wanted providing it was ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and consequently ‘Stairway’ moved into the genres of Opera, The Beatles, The Doors, theatrical monologue and The B52s, etc. ⁣

You may now get the idea of Denton’s masterplan. It was an amusing idea and good to be on his show to share the humor.”

You can check out the video that Jimmy Page posted on his Instagram account below. You can also find the whole interview below.