Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist and the founder of Led Zeppelin, has opened the doors of his magnificent house in which he lives with his poet girlfriend Scarlett Sabet.

Page has invited the Tatler Magazine to his house that looks like a mixture of old Ottoman palaces and the gothic castles. The magical home of Page and Sabet, the Tower House, was designed by the self-styled art architect William Burges for himself, over six years between 1875 and 1881. The late 19th-century architect is also known for his works in Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch.

In the grand house, there are some special rooms such as the astrology room, where the ceiling fresco of the signs of the zodiac is mirrored by a large round table of the same design, and the butterfly room, which is named for the hand-painted Lepidoptera. Page said about the rooms that he is still finding hidden messages in these places from Burges.

The house, which is ornamented by Page with some unique pieces such as the buddha figure that is collected by Jimmy Page in the 70s, is also a perfect place for Scarlett Sabet to write poetry, as the couple revealed. Page and Sabet unveiled that they recorded the recent poetry album of Sabet, ‘Catalyst’, in the basement studio.

You can see some pictures of the Tower House below.

Photo Credits: Tatler
Photo Credits: Tatler