Veteran guitar player of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page has shared a new photo of himself with his 29-year-old girlfriend Scarlett Sabet on Instagram.

Page posted the photo with this caption:

“Here we are arriving at @metmuseum last Monday for the press preview of ‘Play It Loud’ which opens today! 📸 Nina Westervelt @vnina”

Scarlett also posted the same photo, and wrote:

“This time last week, walking into The Met @metmuseum for the press preview of #PlayItLoud which opens today 🌹❤️”

See the photo below.

Jimmy Page also remembered his visit to Egypt in a recent post on Instagram, and wrote:

“#OnThisDay in 2004, I visited Cairo, Egypt.

On the centenary of Aleister Crowley’s channelling ‘The Book of the Law’, I revisited the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to see the ‘Stele of Revealing’; the conduit to that event. I was curious to see how many people might attend the museum and indeed there was a small gathering of Thelemites.

Between the first and second leg of the Led Zeppelin 1977 tour I visited and spent time in Egypt (first image).”

Check out the photo below.