Led Zeppelin’s legendary mastermind Jimmy Page has posted a rare video from his private archive via Instagram and revealed the backstory of their live performance at the American Music Award.

In 1995, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant performed a quirky version of ‘Black Dog’ at the American Music Award. Jimmy has revealed some untold details about that performance, even he mentioned about a Michael Jackson jacket.

Here’s what he wrote:

“On this day in 1995, Page and Plant were to receive an American Music Award and, as we couldn’t attend, it required a video insert that was recorded in London at the Depot Sound rehearsal studios in North London.

We performed a quirky version of ‘Black Dog’, featuring: didgeridoos; Porl Thompson in Indian pajamas; a Michael Jackson jacket; and me on whammy pedal. Not a bad balance on this one.”

A fan named Eric commented:

“I’ve always liked this version, it’s totally bizarre 👍🏻”

Another fan named Martin said:

“It was a fantastic alternative version, I loved it. And from seeing this, I have ever since been searching for a long black coat 😎”

Watch the video via Instagram below.