Led Zeppelin star Robert Plant had a recent talk on his long-time podcast, Digging Deep and revealed why he was embarrassed by the music he recorded after Led Zeppelin split up.

Here is his statement (Transcribed by Alternative Nation):

“So, these little podcast things are basically a wraparound of things that I really like that at times I thought I was embarrassed about.

Yeah, some of the sounds, some of the attitudes, some of the sort-of, kitsch. “

Plant also shared how the people see him as an enterainer:

“I find that even more so that if you bring in another spirit, another contribution musically to what you’re already doing then the whole thing changes, slightly changes. Now as a singer and as a writer to some degree but most of all as an entertainer, which I like to think is what I am, what I do – I really want to be stimulated.

I don’t think it’s restless, I just think I’ve been really lucky to because I use music, I don’t play guitar on stage and I basically am the frontman. However, when you’re basically creating the music and you’re writing you have to be more than just hanging around and waiting for people to deliver all this stuff to you. Although, there are a lot of musicians that do that.”

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