Led Zeppelin’s legendary frontman Robert Plant announced a new box set that features 30 songs from Plant’s career compilation, Digging Deep, which can be purchasable on digital and streaming services.

Robert stated that this solo anthology of himself will be releasing in October 2020, and excited the fans. Also, Robert said that he wanted to gather some pretty and powerful songs that he ever sang in his career and that’s why he is releasing Digging Deepç

Furthermore, Robert will be releasing two CDs for these 30 songs and there will be 3 songs that never released before. Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1), Nothing Takes the Place of You, and Too Much Alike are the three upcoming songs of Robert.

Here is what Robert Plant said:

“I’ve done so many things. I’ve got a whole album, Band of Joy II, that I did with Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin. I’ve got stuff everywhere.

So it might be a good way to gather some pretty powerful stuff and just eke it out there. … It’s not just about stuff that came out through the normal channels.”

Here is the tracklist of Digging Deep’s first CD:

1. “Rainbow”
2. “Hurting Kind”
3. “Shine It All Around”
4. “Ship of Fools”
5. “Nothing Takes the Place of You”
6. “Darkness, Darkness”
7. “Heaven Knows”
8. “In the Mood”
9. “Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1)”
10. “New World”
11. “Like I’ve Never Been Gone”
12. “I Believe”
13. “Dance with You Tonight”
14. “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down”
15. “Great Spirit” (Acoustic)

Here is the tracklist of the second CD:

1. “Angel Dance”
2. “Takamba”
3. “Anniversary”
4. “Wreckless Love”
5. “White Clean & Neat”
6. “Silver Rider”
7. “Fat Lip”
8. “29 Palms”
9. “Last Time I Saw Her”
10. Embrace Another Fall”
11. “Too Much Alike” (Feat. Patty Griffin)
12. “Big Log”
13. “Falling in Love Again”
14. “Memory Song (Hello-Hello)”
15. “Promised Land”

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