In an episode of Led Zeppelin‘s legendary frontman Robert Plant‘s podcast series, ‘Digging Deep,’ Plant recalled the time of his song ‘Tall Cool One’s recording and shared the story of how changed his mind about the future of his career as a rock star.

As you might remember, earlier this year, the iconic singer Robert Plant announced a new podcast series named ‘Digging Deep.’ Starting from June, several episodes of the podcast have been already released which are hosted by the famous journalist Matt Everitt.

During the podcasts, Robert Plant is looking back to the significant moments of his career both with Led Zeppelin and as a solo artist. In the episode named ‘Tall Cool One,’ Plant shared the rarely-known stories from the time he recorded his third single, ‘Tall Cool One,’ released from his 1988 album ‘Now and Zen.’

Robert Plant mentioned the time he actually gave up on being a rock musician and decided to take a less preferable road for the future of his career. He also stated that he wanted to do something between Iggy Pop and Talking Heads and continued:

“At that point, I’d given up the whole idea of being a rock singer. It’s like ‘Hello, is there anybody else had this thing going on?’ ‘Yes somebody else can do that.’

I’m gonna do this kind of camp rock, doing things a little bit somewhere between Iggy Pop and maybe Talking Heads or something like that. Let’s go to someplace where it’s almost there but it’s letting you know that it could be a lot more violent and a lot more cliched.

You can listen to Robert Plant’s podcast on Youtube below.