Led Zeppelin announced their new account on TikTok by sharing a brand new post on their official Instagram account.

TikTok has been enjoying increasing worldwide attention, and the bands have also started following the latest trend. Right now, AC/DC, Radiohead, Metallica, and many more bands have active profiles. Led Zeppelin recently announced they are on TikTok as well, by using one of their most famous songs, ‘Immigration Song,’ in the background of their video to draw attention.

Even though the first video they shared was simply a superhero entrance of the name ‘Led Zeppelin,’ it was more than enough to thrill most rock fans. The comments section of their post received hundreds of reactions from their devoted fanbase, who can’t wait to see how the band will use this social media platform.

Currently, Led Zeppelin holds around 30K followers on TikTok. It has been less than a day since their first post, which makes the number exciting, but it’s still very low compared to their Instagram follower count.

Led Zeppelin announced their TikTok appearance:

“Led Zeppelin x TikTok.”

You can check out the post below.


Led Zeppelin x TikTok #ledzeppelin #rocktober #classicrock

♬ Immigrant Song (Remaster) – Led Zeppelin