During in a recent interview with Real Clear Life, Led Zeppelin journalist Mark Blake (writer of the book called “Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, and Beyond–The Story of Rock’s Greatest Manager”) has shared some interesting facts about the band.

Interviewer asked:

“How did Peter Grant (legendary Led Zep manager) manage big egos of the different members of the group?”

Mark responded:

“You had four people in Led Zeppelin, very different characters, two of whom were far more experienced in touring and recording than the other two. I think that required some delicate handling over the years.

Robert Plant and John Bonham were not as experienced as Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones and it certainly took some of Peter’s negotiating skills to mediate between them all.”

He continued:

“They’re both very different people. What it took at that time was to let them go away and be creative and get on with what they wanted to do. Led Zeppelin was Jimmy Page’s band. It was his idea and he put it together and brought the others in.

The first person that came in was Peter and then they got the others. As time went on Robert Plant became more of a focal point within the group as the lead singer does and started writing more songs.

Peter also had to deal with negotiating and handling him delicately as well. I suspect the other two understood and somewhat knew their role in the band. There was a power struggle between Page and Plant. Peter had to keep both of them happy and the other two as well.”

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