The legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page and added yet another memorable ‘On This Day’ story to his collection.

Jimmy Page shared the short story of how ‘Death Wish II Collectors Edition’ was released back in 2001, with tons of new material for the fans.

Here is what Page wrote about the post:

“On this day in 2011, Death Wish II Collectors Edition was released via, featuring previously unreleased material, all-new sleeve notes and updated artwork.”

He also detailed the differences between Collector’s Edition and the original one:

“This version includes the Death Wish main theme – Big Band, Sax and Violence – where the synth saxophone work, admirably played by Dave Lawson, is substituted with the recovery of ‘invisible’ analog tapes.

This was originally going to be released as a single but was shelved and album buried. So that was an inspiring/iconic start to a solo career!”

You can find the photo below.