The New York-based entertainment website, Grunge, has revealed the fact that one of the biggest rock bands in history, Led Zeppelin, might have never turned into a major name on the world stage while indicating a little-known detail about the frontman of the band, Robert Plant.

Within the comprehensive article about the whole career of the British rock band, Led Zeppelin, Grunge Magazine touched upon the untold stories and ups-and-downs of the band members throughout the years.

According to the newly-updated article, the legendary vocalist of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, was not the first choice of the founder and guitarist of the band, Jimmy Page.

It was stated that Terry Reid, who is widely known as a supporting act, a session musician, and sideman performed with high-profile musicians, was actually the lead singer in the mind of Page.

However, at that time, Reid had already signed with the famous producer Mickie Most, who’d gone ahead and attached Reid’s career-long nickname of Superlungs to the gifted singer. As a consequence, the singer turned down Page’s offer and suggested him to take a look at West Bromwich’s new Greek god, who was no other than Robert Plant.

Jimmy Page followed Reid’s advice and took a massive step towards the life-long success of Led Zeppelin with Plant. On the other hand, Terry Reid never went on to become a big rock star. He supported several tours of such bands as The Rolling Stones and Cream.

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