Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has broken his silence on social media for the Mexican professional footballer Raúl Jiménez after he underwent surgery for his fractured skull following a clash of heads with Arsenal defender David Luiz.

As you may recall, Robert Plant has last appeared on Twitter to announce the Black Friday sale on his official store a week ago. The legend, who shows up once in a while on social media for promotion purposes, couldn’t stay silent about the terrible accident that hit the soccer world hard.

Plant posted a picture of Raúl Jiménez with a hashtag next to it that says ‘Fuerza Raul,’ which means strength/power for Raúl. Robert Plant indicated that he’s with Jiménez and his supporters by saying ‘Come on Raul‘ in the caption of his latest post.

The 29-year-old Mexican player underwent an operation in a London hospital just after the awful incident occurred at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday. According to the updates on ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’ website, Jiménez was given oxygen following a head-to-head collision with David Luiz, which left the Arsenal player drenched in blood.

According to the official statement, Raúl has been comfortable very recently, seen his partner Daniela, and been resting since then. The club also announced that Raúl Jiménez will remain under observation for a few days while he begins his recovery.

Here’s what Robert Plant said in his latest tweet:

Come on Raul..”

You can see the tweet below and check out more information about Jiménez here.