The legendary co-founding member of Led Zeppelin and one of the most famous activists of our industry, Robert Plant, has shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account and showed his support to ‘Let The Music Play’ movement once again.

As you might already remember, lots of stars in the music industry have joined a new movement called ‘Let The Music Play’ to call on United Kingdom government to stop damaging live music after the coronavirus times and let the musicians organize new stuff after the outbreak.

Paul McCartney, The Cure, Radiohead, Cold, and many other bands/artists released a public letter this week to wake the music industry up after the lockdown, and Robert Plant is among these legendary stars.

Today, Robert Plant has shared a new tweet to declare his support to that movement once again and tried to make a difference for the community once again.

Here is what Robert wrote on Twitter:

“Round and round we go, year after year and show after show interactive and interdependent. Crew, bands, techs, all of our game heading in one direction… #LetTheMusicPlay”

You can check out the tweet of Robert right below.