The shocking details about the touching life story of Led Zeppelin’s iconic frontman, Robert Plant, and the reason why the 70s have felt like hell for him have been lately revealed by the Grunge Magazine.

According to the recent article of the website, Robert Plant was so lucky and talented to become the fronting figure in Led Zeppelin, which has been credited with majorly impacting the nature of the music industry, particularly in the development of album-orientated rock and stadium rock.

Yet, his luck didn’t affect his personal life as well as his career. It was stated by Grunge that Plant had two near-death experiences in the 70s. In 1970, when he just married Maureen Wilson and had their first child, Carmen, Robert Plant, and his wife had been involved in a horrific car crash, right after he played in a Spirit concert.

Plant told the court back then that Maureen suffered a fractured skull and he, himself, had a temporary memory loss, forgetting the show he attended and played snooker with one of Spirit’s members.

Five years after the tragic event, Robert Plant got involved in the second car accident with his wife and their children, Karac and Carmen. On August 4, 1975, when Maureen was driving, and the children were in the back seat with a friend, the family’s car skidded off the road, sailed over a ledge, and landed in a tree.

It was stated that this time, Plant shattered his right leg in several places, Maureen was unconscious and bleeding, and the children were also injured. Though they all survived miraculously, their son, Karac, broke his leg, Maureen had a fractured skull, and Robert was in a wheelchair.

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