The legendary Led Zeppelin star, Jimmy Page posted a golden-worth photo on his official Instagram page and shared a rare story he had with another iconic guitarist, Queen star Brian May.

He shared the story of how did Bad News performed with two extra guitarists, Brian May and Jimmy Page.

Here is the story:

“On this day in 1986, Bad News performed at Hammersmith Odeon supporting Iron Maiden. Bad News had two extra guitarists that night, Brian May and I.

During their set, there was a guitar duel between Vim Fuego (Adrian Edmonson), Brian and myself.

During my bit, my amp mysteriously cut in and out but it just added to the comedy of the send-up.”

A user named philhowling commented and said:

“Vim, Den, Spider and Colin 🤘🏼 Warriors of Ghengis Khan! frilly Pink records”

Another user, timrsalmon wrote this:

“The same thing happened to Brian when I saw Queen in ’82 at Madison Square Garden. Think his guitar unplugged. Twice.”

You can see the photo below.