Led Zeppelin’s founder and iconic guitarist, Jimmy Page, recently gave an interview with Scarlett Sabet in which they talked about the spoken word album ‘Catalystthat was written and performed by Sabet and produced by Jimmy Page.

Scarlett Sabet released her spoken word album named ‘Catalyst’ back in October 2019 which was produced by Jimmy Page. This was her fifth published work but her first spoken word album and it featured eight poems that she had written and performed. The album was well-received by the public and her talent in reading poetry was well-appreciated.

In previous interviews, Jimmy Page had said that he was already a fan of her written work which he found exceptionally vibrant, and after witnessing ‘the power of her public readings‘ he was convinced that making such an album would be a great idea as it would stress the power of the spoken word in connection to poetry.

During their recent interview, Jimmy Page said that it was a project that he had in mind for a while as he had read Scarlett’s poems and witnessed her amazing live readings which gave him the idea to create an avant-garde album. He said that it was ‘a milestone that others hadn’t got to yet.’

Scarlett Sabet agreed and said that although in the beginning, Jimmy Page was not very clear about how he wished to do this album, she still trusted him implicitly. She said that one of the most amazing things that they achieved was to create ‘a new language’ which transformed each poem on the album into an important landmark.

Here’s what Jimmy Page said about the success of the ‘Catalyst:’

“Well, my thoughts on Catalyst being a living entity a year on: I’m really pleased that we did it and relieved that we did a project that I had in my mind. I had it in my head, at various stages, the characters of the poems. To arrive where we arrived, with something that was really avant-garde, that had not been done before, was really thrilling. It was a ‘catalyst,’ but also a milestone that others hadn’t got to yet.”

Scarlett Sabet chimed in and said:

“I think that’s it. You were so passionate and fired up about it and your vision was so clear and distinct, so although before we did it I couldn’t fully comprehend it, I never questioned what you wanted to do. During the recording and production of the album, I trusted what you were doing implicitly. We created a new language. Each poem on the album was an important landmark. With the exception of ‘Rocking Underground,’ which I wrote in 2012, you were the first person to hear all the other poems.”

To which Jimmy Page responded:

“Yes, yes, that’s a good point. I was the first person to hear all of those poems. But I also had the pleasure to hear you read on numerous occasions, in a variety of circumstances as well. So I got to feel these poems and to recognize the character of each one and certain cadences you would employ during your readings. I don’t think you ever read one poem exactly the same because you were breathing new life into it every night. All these things were registering with me.

What I didn’t want to do was what people assumed it would be: poems with music behind it. Well, that’s what everyone would think. And I certainly didn’t want to think in the normal sort of way. I wanted to think of it in another way altogether. Let’s do what I know is right and that you know is right, so I presented you with something that, yes, will be musical, it will sound orchestral, but it’s all done with the human voice. And that’s where we arrived at the territory of things that hadn’t been done before.”

Click here for the source and you can listen to ‘Cut Up’ written and performed by Scarlett Sabet below.