During a new interview with Dan Rather, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant has shared a story about how he had a trouble with his voice when he was performing a live show in Australia.

He said that ‘I went to a doctor and he hit me with some adrenaline and stuff.’ Here’s the whole story:

I had a lot of trouble with my voice. I was in Australia once, I was in Melbourne. I remember we sold out some huge stadium. The stage was on wheels so if we had 10,000 people that was fine, but if it was 12,000 they could wheel the stage back with a tractor pulling in. As the day went on, more and more people arrived, and I couldn’t speak.

I went to a doctor and he hit me with some adrenaline and stuff. I turned several shades of different colors and slid down the wall, and I sang the gig. Now that’s the last thing a singer needs to do, the damage that you can do.”

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A week ago, Robert talked in another interview, and shared his opinion about Elton John’s retirement decision:

“I’ll probably retire when I run out of breath. I understand why Elton John is retiring, but I’m not ready. Elton is looking for more time to spend with his family, and that’s not a bad idea. But my family always says, ‘Keep going, Dad.’

Elton has his own ideas and everybody does, but I haven’t actually split the atom. I haven’t reached a point where I’ve got nothing left, and I feel pretty good about what I do. I love to tour and I love to sing and twist the songs around.”

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