The legendary members of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page’s rare and special photo exposed by one of the greatest community photographers, Ross Halfin.

Ross also shared the story of that great photo and said that he took this frame on October 10th 2012.

Here is the story of the photo:

“Led Zeppelin, October 10th 2012 at a shoot I did in Soho, New York. It had been raining all morning and had just stopped 5 minutes before I had to do this shoot.

Today in 1971 a 14-year-old me went to Wembley to see Led Zeppelin for the first time a week after LZ IV had come out.

It was a skating rink when not being used and the floor was iced so no heating in the building and the floor was covered with boards. You could see cold air being blown out of people’s mouths. I still have the original poster and ticket. #rosshalfin #ledzeppelin #electricmagic”

You can see the photo below.

This month, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page posted yet another astonishing photo to add a new page to his iconic On This Day archive on social media.

As you will read the story of the photo below, Jimmy Page stated that in 1994, he performed with Robert Plant and called ‘Half of Led Zeppelin’ by the organization managers.

Check the story by clicking here.