The world-famous rock scene photographer, Ross Halfin, posted a photo of himself on Instagram and announced that he has been working on a project featuring a brand new Led Zeppelin vinyl collection.

As you know, Ross Halfin is highly famous for his successful career as a rock and roll photographer. He has been in the rock and metal scene since 1976 and is famous for his amazing work with iconic bands such as Led Zeppelin, KISS, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, The Who, and many more.

He recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and said that he is just putting the finishing touches on the ‘Led Zeppelin Vinyl: The Essential Collection.’ All the vinyl, covers, and labels of the collection are documented by him and it seems like he could not keep his excitement to himself anymore.

Here’s how the ReelArtPress website describes this new collection:

“This definitive volume illustrates in full color some of the rarest and most interesting vinyl releases, including one-of-a-kind rarities, bizarre regional variations, official albums, and historic recordings of legendary concerts, sometimes featuring handmade artwork or colored vinyl. All the vinyl, labels and covers have been documented by photographer Ross Halfin in superb detail and are annotated with details of their release.”

In the caption of his Instagram post, Ross Halfin said that he is quite pleased with the work that he has done for this collection. He stated that he has photographed all of his records and for this collection, he has been trying to ‘pick the rarest ones and also things I think people might find unusual.’

Here’s what he said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“I’ve been working on the latest draft of my new Led Zeppelin vinyl book and I’m actually really pleased with it. I have photographed all of my records and am trying to pick the rarest ones and also things I think people might find unusual. I would have thought shooting album covers would be easier than shooting bands – let me help you, it’s not. You have to be much more precise. Here’s some info on the book from the publishers – go and get it, I hope you won’t be disappointed.

Led Zeppelin Vinyl: The Essential Collection by Ross Halfin. Published by Reel Art Press and available to pre-order now.

All copies pre-ordered ReelArtPress will be signed by Ross.

Sign up to the mailing list on the RAP website for regular updates. Released in Spring 2021.”

Not only Halfin’s but also Led Zeppelin’s fans expressed their excitement after Halfin announced that this amazing collection will be released in the Spring of 2021. He also informed his fans that all the pre-order will be signed by himself and advised Led Zeppelin fans to get this collection and stated that they won’t be disappointed.

You can check out the photo that Ross Halfin posted by clicking here.