In an interview with TV War, the talented guitarist of Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti, shared his opinions on whether AC/DC was a more successful band than Led Zeppelin or not.

The alternative metal band Alter Bridge was formed by Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips in 2004. Back in 2019, the band released their sixth studio album titled ‘Walk the Sky,’ which Tremonti described as a result of challenging themselves not to fall into repetition and find new inspiration for each record.

Recently, Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti joined a conversation with TV War and responded to questions about the most iconic bands of rock and metal music. During the interview, Tremonti commented on AC/DC’s one of the most famous album ‘Back in Black‘ and stated it was actually the best record of the second-best rock band of all time.

Furthermore, Mark claimed that although he could listen to the AC/DC album a million times without getting sick of it, the best rock band ever was still Led Zeppelin.

Here’s how Mark Tremonti compared AC/DC with Led Zeppelin:

“I think that record is the best record, in my opinion, of the second-best rock band ever. I think Led Zeppelin is, in my opinion, the best rock band to ever live.

And AC/DC, to me, is No. 2. And that’s the best AC/DC record. It’s a great comeback, I got to perform with Brian Johnson, so that was an honor for me. And that record just reminds me of my childhood; I could listen to it a million times and never get sick of it.”

Additionally, Tremonti revealed his opinions on Led Zeppelin’s well-known album ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ and suggested that it was the best rock ‘n’ roll record ever recorded.

Here’s what Mark asserted about ‘Led Zeppelin IV’:

“‘Led Zeppelin IV,’ that’s the obvious, you know, the most popular of the Led Zeppelin records, but it just has some undeniable songs.

‘When the Levee Breaks’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ I think ‘Rock & Roll’ is there as well… How can you top that? It could be the best rock ‘n’ roll record ever recorded, so, yeah.”

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