The legendary Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page posted a new photo on his official and verified Instagram account today, and he reminded the story of his band’s iconic album, Led Zeppelin I.

As Jimmy added yet another part to his well-known series, ‘On This Day,’ he also asked a question to all of his followers: “What’s your ultimate track from Led Zeppelin I?

As lots of Instagram users responded to his question, The School of Rock star, Jack Black was one of the followers who responded.

Here is what Jimmy Page wrote.

On this day in 1969, Led Zeppelin I was released in the USA. Produced by me and immediately following the historic run of concerts at San Francisco’s Fillmore. The intervention of a new attitude for the airwaves. ⚡️

This LP was to present four master musicians and the communion of music with no fear, no compromise and an audible statement that would be groundbreaking and radical. What’s your ultimate track from Led Zeppelin I?

Jack Black responded:

Good Times Bad Times… Best opening track of ALL TIMES!!!

Another user named north_essex_liberal_elite wrote this:

“Always loved your time is gonna come and the very punky Communication Breakdown. Still 2 of my favorite Led Zeppelin tracks.”

You can check out the photo of Jimmy below.