Led Zeppelin guitarist and also the co-founder, Jimmy Page, has taken his official Instagram page today to share his feelings for Christmas and unearthed one of his rarest photos ever in his life.

While Jimmy Page himself did not give away much information about the photo he has shared, this rare frame was taken during the days he was serving as a cherubic choir boy and altar at St Barnabus Church when he was just 13 years old.

As Jimmy previously stated, the photo was taken by his choirmaster Mr. Dennis Coffin. This remarkable frame was released for the first time in his self-titled photographic autobiography, ‘Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page.’ The book is still available on Amazon and contains more than 600 photos of the Led Zeppelin legend.

Led Zeppelin icon celebrated the Christmas of his followers by recalling his days in the church. In the caption of his post, Page also shared his best wishes for the upcoming holiday season by thanking his fan base for their ongoing support for him.

Here is the public message of Jimmy Page:

“Happy holidays. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great time for the festive season. Thanks a lot for your support and checking in each day.

Have a rocking day!”

You can check out the latest Instagram post of Jimmy Page below.