Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page spoke in an interview with AAA and explained how he learned to play guitar. He said:

“I didn’t take lessons. I learned from a book called ‘Play in a Day.’ I learned from ‘Play in a Day’ and many years later I became a studio musician, and the way that the notation was in ‘Play in a Day’ was exactly the way they wrote out chord charts. So yeah, it was very useful.

I completed my studies at school and I decided to dive right into music. I left school and I was already playing in a group on weekends.

They were a London group, and I was living in Epsom which is some distance. It wasn’t as though I was living in London but I was headhunted out of Epsom to join this band. And I was still in school, I was fast approaching my exams.

So after my exams we were able to do more concerts. And we were touring around all over England.”

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