Led Zeppelin guitarist and co-founder Jimmy Page has had a recent conversation with Classic Rock’s Ian Fortnam and talked about lots of things varying from his book named ‘Jimmy Page: The Anthology’ to if he has any intentions to return to recordings of his 1981 project.

As you may already know, Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page has formed a short-lived group named XYZ back in 1981, along with ex-Yes bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White.

Unfortunately, the band could not complete the album project and only managed to release a four-song demo tape, including two instrumentals and two songs named ‘Can You See’ and ‘Telephone Secrets’ that features vocals from Squire.

In his latest interview, Jimmy Page was asked if he has any plans to continue recording the album with his old-time buddies. According to Jimmy, he could not actually return to the album yet but he hopes that it would come out one day.

Here is what Jimmy Page stated in the interview:

“It was the very first thing that I did after a break of not playing the guitar after losing John. I got the guitar from storage and started playing it again, and it was an instant connection.

I had a studio, and because I’d been very friendly with Chris Squire, he said, ‘We’ve got some stuff. Let’s come together and see what we can do.’

And he had this novel name: because there were two former members of Yes, he thought it should be XYZ, as in ex-Yes and Zeppelin. Which was a bit of fun.

They were such great musicians that it really did me a world of good. I had to be on exactly the same level as they were, so the level of concentration and commitment to it was really great.”

He continued:

“But what I don’t know is what bits and pieces they brought to the party that may have ended up on Yes records.

One that we did there as an instrumental eventually came out as ‘Fortune Hunter’ with The Firm. But those guys were just in a league of their own.

So it’s really good music. I haven’t actually returned to it yet. I will, because I know how darn good it is, and then I suppose one would just have to speak to those that were involved, and families and stuff, and see whether it could come out one day.

I hope it does. There is a cassette version of it that is terrible quality, and it’s out there on the internet. Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to listen to.”

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