In a recent Instagram post, Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page has remembered one of the most historic performances of the band by sharing the back story of their performance in The Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco in 1969.

In the caption area of the post, Jimmy didn’t write any specific details about the show but stated that they just played one of the iconic songs of them, Whole Lotta Love.

If you look at the photo, Jimmy looks really handsome and healthy because the photo was taken during his prime time. Jimmy also exposed that the photo was taken by Herb Greene who is the photographer of Led Zeppelin at that time.

Led Zeppelin star’s girlfriend Scarlett Sabet liked the photo as the other 30k Led Zep and Jimmy fans on Instagram.

Here’s what he wrote at the bottom of the photo:

“On this day in 1969, Led Zeppelin played The Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco and we performed ‘Whole Lotta Love’ for the encore of this show.

Apparently it makes its first appearance on the encore of the second set at Winterland – one of Bill Graham’s San Francisco venues.⁣”

You can see the Instagram post below.