Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page posted a video on Instagram describing the making of his customized Fender guitar released in 2019 which modeled after his beloved 1959 Fender Telecaster and became emotional remembering the good old days.

Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page originally received his 1959 Fender Telecaster as a gift from the legendary guitarist Jeff Beck in 1966. However, when he got the guitar, it had a plain and undecorated look. Later in 1967, Page painted it himself with what became the iconic ‘Dragon’ design using colors of green, orange, yellow, blue, and red. Jimmy Page used his iconic guitar to record Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut in 1968.

Last year, Fender teamed up with Jimmy Page to recreate the 1959 Telecaster and released the Limited Edition Jimmy Page Telecaster Set in March as a part of the brand’s ‘Artist Series.’ In order to indicate the image of his love of fantasy and magic, Page created a dragon graphic decorating a blonde Telecaster.

Recently on Instagram, Jimmy Page posted a video describing the making of ‘Limited Edition Jimmy Page Telecaster Set’ to mark the one year anniversary of his collaboration with Fender. Page got emotional when he recalled the memories of the very first years he received the 1959 Fender Telecaster.

As you will see in the video below, Jimmy mentioned how special the guitar had been to him and he wanted to reflect the journey he had through the years to his design.

Here’s what Jimmy Page stated on the caption of his latest Instagram post:

On this day in 2019, this video from Fender was released.

It tells the story behind the 1959 Telecaster, which began life in its factory White Blonde lacquer finish, then became the mirror guitar before transforming into a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted dragon Tele 🐉”

You can watch the video Jimmy Page posted on Instagram below.