Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page shared a post on his official Instagram page stating that online music streaming should be paying both musicians and writers equally and according to their work.

As you may know, the music industry has taken a turn now that COVID-19 stops musicians from performing live on stage in front of the audience. Nowadays, artists chose to perform online with live streaming shows and they release their albums only through social media accounts and online music platforms.

With the change in how people consume music, online music platforms have expanded their users. Lately, millions of people around the world started to use these platforms mostly due to having more spare time than they had before the coronavirus pandemic.

While there are many aspects of this situation, Jimmy Page shared an open letter on his official Instagram page stressing his personal opinions on the payment issue when it comes to listening to music online. Page stated that there has been an injustice when it comes to payments to musicians. Led Zeppelin icon mentioned that this ongoing issue should be corrected as soon as possible.

Here is what Jimmy Page stated in his letter addressed to music streaming platforms:

“Having recently viewed the Select Committee for Music Streaming on November 24, 2020, I feel compelled to write this letter. ⁣

I fully appreciate the dilemma surrounding streaming royalties that should be rightfully paid to all musicians and writers who made the music. ⁣

The sooner the streaming companies can make fair payments to all musicians whose music is played on or viewed via the internet, and pay fair royalties to those who give us great pleasure from those who are exploiting it, the better.⁣”

You can see the Instagram post below.