On a recent Instagram post, Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page wrote an emotional letter after the devastating loss of rock and roll icon, Little Richard, at the age of 87.

Little Richard found his peace at his home while his brother, sister, and son were standing with him. The cause of death was related to bone cancer, after having it two months ago.

Jimmy Page saddened after seeing another legend passed away this year like Neil Peart, Reed Mullin, and more. He paid his tribute to another legend by writing his thoughts about Little Richard.

Jimmy stated that he shaped and defined the phenomenon of rock and roll and revealed his admiration for Little Richard. He said that Little Richard’s talent on the piano, band arrangements, and voice was exceptional.

Here is what Jimmy Page wrote:

“Little Richard is a profound loss with numerous facets that shaped and defined the phenomenon of rock and roll.⁣

He created the gospel within his songs. They gave the vehicle whereby our rock heroes and teenage amateurs alike could emulate and propagate this unique energy. ⁣

My admiration for his piano playing, his band arrangements, his uncompromising flamboyant personae, and that voice! And those risque lyrics. Such a panache, such fun. ⁣Thank you, Little Richard, for everything.”

A fan named Daniel added this comment:

“He was a galaxy that birthed a thousand shooting stars.”

Another fan named Claudi said:

“He was such a legend…his loss is so sad. My dad was a great fan of Little Richard and his music…”

You can check out the post below.